Our platform is based on a cutting-edge web App for the systematization, automation and digitalization of the sports management of competitions that generates and amalgamates all the elements of the sports ecosystem on a digital level, emulating the organization of real sport and automatically publishing the management portal for any competition.

Competition Management

Create, manage and report live competition information

It generates a competition management web portal that can be used as the official portal of the competition to keep the public informed, and that includes organic integration with our solutions for teams, clubs, organizations and above all, our Mobile Application for effective communication of its members and the digitalization of its ecosystem.

With the Dribbli web portal for Competition management and our Dribbli App, administrators, referees, or competition managers can create, manage and report live competition information of any level and complexity, they can register and identify all participants. players, schedule schedules with games or events with location coordinates and start times to all participants (including family and fans) and communicate match progress and final results in real time.

The official management portal for the competition generated by our Dribbli Web App has very easy to use administration navigation, and we constantly work with our clients to ensure that all competition needs and requirements are incorporated into the system.