Our educational program is being implemented under the name of the Dribbli “Institute for Fair Competition”. Its content is the result of many years of experiences and academic research by our main partner, Cheche Vidal, who published a book with the title “The Fair Competition” where he describes the meaning, history and relevance of sports competition for the society, and its importance as the founding cell of the sports industry.

Fair Competition

Facilitating a holistic understanding for modern sport

While the first objective of this educational program is to assist Dribbli users in the correct use of the platform, the long-term vision of the program is to transform the Fair Competition Institute into a non-profit foundation serving the research, development, and promotion of sports competition.

The content itself of our digital training program also represents innovation, since it is based on the thesis developed in the book “Fair Competition”, which raises the idea of the modern sport ecosystem as an organic system made up of constituent organizations and individuals amalgamated by sports competition as the founding association of the ecosystem.

This novel concept facilitates a holistic understanding of the industry and allows us to clearly perceive how the entire ecosystem of modern sport is generated, functions and sustains, from the micro-perspective of any individual participant in the system, to the macro-perspective of how all the parts work together as part of the whole.

In the first stage of the educational program, its content is focused on assisting managers, referees or community leaders who organize competitions with a modular educational experience aimed at providing basic information of an academic, technical, humanistic, professional, business and ethical nature in the basic competition theory, train them in the execution of the best practices of competition administration and automation with the assistance of our digital tools, and add value to their effort by certifying their learning.

We also developed a quality certification program for automated competition management for users who access courses or present digitalized competitions from anywhere in the region. The educational program is in its beta stage and is available only in Spanish for now. In the coming months it will also be published in English and other languages.