Teams & Clubs

Clubs and teams represent the most essential association of participation in organized sports. Dribbli has a deep understanding of its critical role in sport and has developed an innovative Team and Club Web Application that creates unique and independent management and information portals, with which these organizations can easily manage their activities and information in the digital sphere.

Sports Management

Effectively manage activities and communicate with members

The management web portal for teams and clubs is also designed so that it can be used as their official website on the Internet, and to keep the public informed. The portal includes organic integration with our solutions for competitions, organizations and above all, with our mobile application for effective communication with its members and the digitalization of its ecosystem.

With the Dribbli Web App for teams and clubs and our Dribbli App, we provide Coaches, officials, delegates or managers, the tool to manage critical information of teams and clubs of any level and complexity, from the identification and registration of players and coaches to the scheduling or administration of match or training information to all participants (including family members and fans) in realtime.

The official team and club management portal generated by our Dribbli Web App for clubs and teams has very easy-to-use administration navigation and we constantly work with our clients to ensure that all competition needs and requirements are incorporated into the system.